Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to the site. Several amazing things have transpired this last part of 2014 and even more things are happening this year.

1. This is my last semester of undergraduate school

2. My first novel with Permuted Press is due to release.

With these two events, each have spawned several questions:

1. Will I continue on with my graduate program or concentrate on finishing my nine book series?

2. What problems will I face in getting my book published?

3. Will I continue to work at my current place of employment or do I branch out and utilize my degree?

4. If I continue my education, will I have enough time to finish the books?

I hate change. Pure and simple. This year, however, I almost feel like I’m in a novel and the author has placed me in a situation where the plot of the novel could change viscerally or simple stay the same.

It’s kind of exciting. A few years ago I’d be fretting this kind of proverbial fork in the road, but I know now that as long as I trust in God whichever path I take will be His will and I’ll trust that He’s placing me on that path for a reason.

Anyway, my New Year’s resolution is to post more and get more focused on social media and to promote myself.

This is a start!

Remember: Keep calm and write on!

2 responses to “The New Year and What to Expect”

  1. Erin Avatar

    Amen brother! Praying for wisdom re:which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

  2. Brian Avatar

    Forks in the road are difficult to face. It is often easy to sit back and say that we want God’s will and hope/pray for wisdom. A wise man once asked me, “How can you hope to know God’s will if you don’t know His word?”
    So… Keep calm and read on fellow followers.

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