Before I start my spiel I wanted to make aware of something about myself that I’ve only recently noticed. Whenever I start on a big or complicated spiel, I usually start with “Well…” Is that normal? Do you have similar oddities? If so, leave them in the comment section below. I’d love to read about them. Plus whenever a comment pops up, I get an email about and it makes my day because that means that people read my blog.

Well…. I’ve started to restructure the Soul Eater Series. One of the major things is I’ve axed two books from the series shortening it from nine books to seven. Why? It made more sense, the series is centered on a seven demon pantheon so why should I have more than seven books.

I’m also utilizing the four act structure of screenwriting to better structure my books. It worked out perfectly with the amount of books in the series. This way it gives my main protagonist, Timothy, a more interesting and fully fleshed storyline. Hopefully.

That’s an update for all of you that read this blog and hopefully since I’m not working as much this summer I’ll have more blog posts. That’s the goal at least.

I’ve also started centering my writing career around short stories in an attempt to get my name and work out there so I’ll be more of an “Established” author when I resubmit The Book of Roland.

Anywoo, thanks for reading and stay groovy!

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