Have you ever finished reading a book and thought that it would make a better movie than a book? That was my thought when I turned the last page of Sara Desai’s The Dating Plan. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for an alright book. It’s a funny and smart, albeit predictable, rom-com about a girl-boy high school crush that develops later on in life. However, I believe that it would make a better film than a novel.

The Dating Plan is a romantic comedy about two twenty-somethings, set in San Francisco, that reunite after suffering a falling out on the night of the senior prom.

Daisy Patel is a software engineer who loves all things Marvel. She loves making lists just about as much as she loves the Avengers. As she grows older, she starts to feel the pressure of her relatives trying to arrange a marriage with suitors they’ve approved.

Liam Murphy used to be the bad boy of his high school with a troubled home life. After mysteriously disappearing after ditching Daisy at the prom, he’s risen through the ranks to be a venture capitalist about to make partner. Liam’s grandfather passes away and leaves Liam his distillery. The only stipulation is that Liam has to be married by his next birthday, a whole two months away. If he isn’t, then his older brother gets it. The brother has plans of selling the place and infusing those funds into his own business. Liam hates that idea.

Fate brings them together during a conference when Daisy literally runs into him while trying to evade one of her aunts with another suitor. Daisy does the unthinkable and kisses Liam in order to dissuade the aunt and the suitor.

The two decide to enter in a fake engagement and wedding that benefits both of them. As I said in the beginning of this review, it’s obvious how the story will end. However predictable the plot is, the actual journey is rather entertaining.

The main source of conflict between the pair, the mysterious prom night fiasco, is eventually explained. The events of the night actually provide some surprise that is just enough to give the two main characters some depth.

Liam and Daisy are the typical romantic opposites, but each are written well enough that they could actually be real people. I definitely know about three or four people that could easily resemble Daisy.

If you’re looking for an easy to read, lighthearted romance novel with some comedy thrown in, then I would recommend The Dating Plan by Sara Desai. There are some, um, “romantic” scenes in this novel. If you’ve already started reading it, then expect a few of those scenes. If this were a film, it would be rated R mainly for those scenes and strong language.

If you’re not bothered by that type of content, then this book is a perfect choice to read considering Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

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