The first film in my 31 days of horror, I chose the Shudder original movie, Revealer. The film was released on June 23, 2022, and directed by Luke Boyce. The plot focuses on two very different characters.  

The first is a stripper with a heart of gold named Angie (played by Caito Aase). She does what she does because she’s trying to provide for her nephew David. 

The other main character is Sally (played by Shaina Schrooten). Sally is a woman who has lives her life according to the Bible. She’s organized a group that has been protesting the strip club every day to the point that Sally and Angie are on a nickname basis but are hardly friendly.

Angie comes into work one day and gets stuck inside her peepshow room. Before she can get out, everything goes to hell…quite literally. The Apocalypse begins and Angie and Sally find themselves stuck in the peepshow room waiting out the Apocalypse. They decide to find an alternate exit in the passageways underneath the strip club. This setting is where the main portion of the movie takes place. They are chased by the demon Asmodeus and have to come to terms with their true selves.

Let’s get the first criticism out of the way. The special effects are terrible. But they’re better than some of the SyFy movies I’ve seen.

There is one action scene where one of the characters performs a move that didn’t seem realistic with the character.

The dialogue early on in the movie is pretty boring because it’s the exposition they’re regurgitating, but it gets better as the film progresses. Aase and Schrooten play the roles of a stripper and religious protester fairly well. Overall, I liked their performances and thought that was the saving grace of this film.

Overall, I thought Revealer was a decent film to start off my 31 Days of Horror. So far, it ranks as the #1 Horror Film of 2022, but that’s only because it’s Day #1. We’ll see what Day #2 brings.

Have you seen Revealer? If so, what did you think? What are your horror movie suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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