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  • 6/3/14 Progress

    Well, I made some progress, but not much thanks to Sharknado (the worst movie ever). Although I guess I could view watching this horrible movie as a lesson on bad dialogue. Words Written for 6/3/14: 224 TBOM sits at 56,077… Read More ›

  • 6/2/14 Progress

    I barely made any progress on TBOM Monday. I traveled four hours to get to Terre Haute, IN for training at my daytime job and all I wanted to do was watch old X-Men cartoons. Words Written for 6/2/14: 51… Read More ›

  • Choosing Who Lives & Dies

    I’m coming to a point in The Book Of Mark where it’s the final climatic battle and all of my characters are going head to head in a battle royal. I know some may die. I’m just sadistic like that…. Read More ›