Welcome to the Writer’s Apocalypse

Surviving the writer’s apocalypse. What do I mean when I say that? Mostly, it’s supposed to be a clever line that correlates to the fact that I write dystopian, horror, and fantasy fiction. It’s also supposed to correlate to the fact that not everyone that aspires to be a writer actually can be successful as a... Continue Reading →

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Can your bad guys be… “good?”

Good and evil, night and day, black and white, chess and checkers, Stephen King and James Patterson, and chutes and ladders. Everything in life has an opposite. Since authors write stories that model real life, even stories have that opposition inside of them. One such example is the good guy/bad guy relationship. I guess technically... Continue Reading →

CRITD IV Cover Reveal

So, I've always wanted to write a ghost story. I my opinion, ghost stories can be found in every part of the world. So when I heard that the new Crossroads In The Dark anthology subject was going to be about ghosts, I was overjoyed. However, the problem was that I've never had an experience... Continue Reading →

Video games have stories too…

Last week I ranted about the necessity for a good story. If you’d like to brush up on that here it is again. Don't worry, I'll wait for you to reread it. What? You don't want to reread that masterpiece? I'm serious. It's a masterpiece and not because I believe myself to be an artist.... Continue Reading →

Review of Sleeping Beauties

A small town is mysteriously the center of a supernatural event and their actions will effect the rest of the world. Sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably read some of the other works written by Stephen King. Throw in a virus that incapacitates more than half the worlds population, then you have a definite novel... Continue Reading →

You better have a good story…

You’ve all heard that saying before, ‘You better have a good story.’ Whether it’s your parents asking for an explanation, a friend asking about last night’s date, or even when you’re pitching a movie to an executive. The thing that’s most important to swaying that parent, friend, or executive onto your side is that story.... Continue Reading →

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