Book Reviews

Book Review: Girl A

There are books that are fictional and could never happen. And then there are those books that are fictional, but could and probably already have happened. The latter, in my opinion, is the scarier of the two. Sure, an extraterrestrial… Read More ›

Review of Serpentine

For those that enjoyed the series His Dark Materials comes a much shorter tale of Lyra Silvertongue. Written by Philip Pullman and illustrated by Tom Duxbury, this very short story takes place sometime after the events of The Amber Spyglass.   It was a short read. I started… Read More ›

Review of In a Holidaze

If you’re feeling in a mood for a romantic comedy that takes place during the Christmas week, then writing duo Christina Lauren has a pretty good book option for you. In a Holidaze takes place in a snowy Utah cabin where Maelyn, Mae, Jones and her family and friends spend… Read More ›

Review of Midnight Sun

When I first heard that Stephenie Meyer was actually going to be publishing Midnight Sun, I was intrigued. For those unfamiliar with the sparkly vampire franchise The Twilight Saga, it’s a book series set in Forks, Washington and follows Isabella… Read More ›