Mastering the Craft

Strong Female Characters

I recently finished reading “Half Sick of Shadows” by Laura Sebastian. It’s a great retelling of the classic Arthurian legend. The rise and fall of King Arthur are seen through the eyes of Lady Elaine of Shalott. She grows up… Read More ›

Finding the Time

This will be my obligatory “rant about finding the time to write” column. It seems like I write something like this every year. So, if you’re not wanting to read something along those lines, then you’ve been warned.  On March… Read More ›

Villains: Family

There’s a reason why Disney movies like using the “evil stepmother” trope in their movies. It’s entirely relatable.  Well, okay. Maybe not the whole stepmother contracts a dude to take a child into the forest to kill her, then poisons… Read More ›