Rejecting being rejected

Rejection hurts. Unless you’re an emotionally devoid robot. If that’s the case, then we have other issues to discuss. Since birth, we’ve been programmed that the word ‘no’ has negative connotations. It even has a blunt sound to it compared to its alternative word ‘yes.’ Admit it, you just said those two words. I know... Continue Reading →

Finding the time to write

A few weeks ago I officially disconnected my internet service. There were a number of reasons that went into that decision, but the chief among them was that I was spending extremely too much time playing video games, binging on YouTube and Netflix, and endlessly scrolling through the Facebook timelines. Self exiling myself from the... Continue Reading →

The 2018 Cocky Kerfuffle

  I was a bit dumbfounded when I stumbled into Facebook drama earlier this week. It was from a fellow indie author who was talking about something with the hashtag #cockygate. Curious, I inquired about it and was shocked to find out that an indie Romance author by the name of Faleena Hopkins trademarked the... Continue Reading →

Taking the Time to Read

It seems like everything has its own awareness month. For some things I wonder if it's really necessary. For instance, look at the month of July. Did you know that the month of July, among other things, is National Hot Dog Month? Seriously. Now, I know I'll probably get some hate from me dissing National... Continue Reading →

Animus Cover Reveal

For those that may not know, Kindra Sowder is at it again. I honestly don't know when she has time to sleep. Maybe she doesn't. It wouldn't surprise me the way she's able to find the time to work a full-time job, work on obtaining her Master's Degree, being the President and CEO of Burning... Continue Reading →

Five Book Promotion Tips

If you’re like me, then you’re an author without much of an income. It’s alright, even the best authors were poor at one time. Heck, H.P. Lovecraft died without much to his name. Stephen King was a teacher until he published Carrie. The best advice that I can tell you to alleviate this problem is... Continue Reading →

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