2018 Review of James Master

“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” – John 8:7 (NKJV). I like to judge and criticize books, movies, people, and even the State of Michigan. Upon reflection, I really shouldn’t though because I’m just as flawed as the things I critique. Except, maybe, for Michigan. I... Continue Reading →

What Does Christmas Mean to Me?

As an editor for a weekly county newspaper, I was tasked with collecting essays for one of the city’s contest. The contest challenged children to write an essay. The winner won the right to turn on the city’s Christmas tree lights during their annual celebration. The theme was: What does Christmas mean to me?  The... Continue Reading →

Jim’s Origin Story

A natural born reader, James tackled the works of Stephen King and Michael Crichton when he was in the sixth grade. His influential young mind now twisted by the science fiction and horror genre, James did what any respectable young man would. He began to write. He hasn’t stopped writing or reading which is where... Continue Reading →

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