40 Days till D-Day

A marriage is like a tree branch. A healthy branch can be bent by extreme forces without breaking. A dying tree breaks with the simplest touch. Jon mulled this over as he drove home to work. He’d like to think… Read More ›

Immortally Cursed

Here I am, standing on a rooftop. It’s been over six thousand years since I last stepped foot on this roof. Nothing has changed since then. I was forty-five back then, my first iteration within The Game. I don’t remember… Read More ›

Hating The Game

Whoever said “don’t hate the player, hate the game” was a lying sack of shit. You can do both just fine. Of course, the person that coined that phrase never experienced life on the inside. That person never experienced life… Read More ›

6/3/14 Progress

Well, I made some progress, but not much thanks to Sharknado (the worst movie ever). Although I guess I could view watching this horrible movie as a lesson on bad dialogue. Words Written for 6/3/14: 224 TBOM sits at 56,077… Read More ›

6/2/14 Progress

I barely made any progress on TBOM Monday. I traveled four hours to get to Terre Haute, IN for training at my daytime job and all I wanted to do was watch old X-Men cartoons. Words Written for 6/2/14: 51… Read More ›